Happy Anniversary to Us! 20% Off For You!*


It’s our 20th anniversary! We've come a long way since we were the funny little bookstore that opened down the street from two other bookstores in the summer of 2003. That first day we did about ten times the sales that we had expected. Back then it was just the two of us, no employees, and as we took the 5-minute walk home after we closed for the night, we marveled at what this would mean for our future. Though it was another four years until we broke that single day sales record, they were happy years. Eventually, we expanded, and then we expanded again. We went from being the quirky little shop to a weird sort of monopoly. And we grew from just two owners behind the counter to a staff of seven employees.

A word about those employees: we hear from our customers time and time again how friendly, smart, and helpful our staff is, and we just want to say: yes, we agree. We wouldn't be the store we are without them. They have challenged us, shared their creativity and ideas with us, and they have stood behind us. As such, the most important thing we could think to do to celebrate 20 years is to double down on our commitment to them. On that note, as of this week, they have all received substantial raises and an enhanced benefits package. The two of us have been lucky to work as booksellers for decades, and we want to foster the kind of working environment that allows our staff to be able to afford to do the same.

And then of course there’s you, our customers. You have given us the careers we only dreamed of. You’ve made us grow and adapt and thrive. This is not the modest little store of our original business plan, and that’s because of you in all the best possible ways. From our original group of regulars who used to call us to order books while browsing the shelves at Borders, to the people who kept asking for a magazine section until we finally relented. From the parents and grandparents and school librarians who continue to mold our children’s section, to the recent influx of young people who have spurred the growth in manga and contemporary romance sales. Your purchases have shaped whole sections of our store and have made us who we are today.

But more than that, it has been 20 years of conversations—and not just about books. We have talked about politics and movies and art. We have argued about local candidates and referendums and development in our Village. We have voiced our strong opinions, and we appreciate this community that that has never been shy about voicing theirs. This Saturday, July 29th, 2023, from 9am-9pm, we say thank you with a sale. Enjoy 20% off everything in the store,* valid on everything from that $4 vinyl sticker to that $300 art book or first edition you’ve been eyeing. You folks are the best and you deserve it.

Best wishes and heartfelt thanks,

Jason & Rachel

*Discount taken on top of all existing discounts. In-store only—no web or phone orders. Excludes special orders and reserved books, including previously special-ordered pickups. Excludes gift card purchases.