We Are Not Currently Buying Used Books


Due to exegent circumstances, we are not currently buying used books. We will update the website once we are back to regular buying. 

Used books only comprise a small part of our stock, therefore we are quite selective in buying them. Please keep the following guidelines in mind when selecting books to sell to us.

  • We do not buy used textbooks, encyclopedias, or outdated materials such as computer manuals or travel guides more than a year old. We do not buy magazines.
  • In general, we do not buy fiction in hardcover, only paperback.
  • We are usually not interested in used cookbooks, self-help books, diet and health books, business books, popular biographies or children's books.
  • We are most interested in literary fiction, mysteries, art, photography, architecture, history, hard science (not nature), and scholarly press books.
  • We buy rare and antiquarian books. Please call ahead to discuss if you feel you have something that falls into this category. Ask for Jason.
  • All books must be clean and unmarked with no cracking or bending of the spine in order to be considered.
  • It is always wise to call ahead before bringing in books to make sure there is a buyer available. Most days the book buyer leaves between 5 and 6pm. Make sure to bring a photo ID with you when you sell books--we require it for all cash payments. If the amount is greater than $50, we may choose to write you a check. We will also always offer you a slightly higher amount in store credit if you would prefer to replenish your bookshelves.

We do not accept donations. If you're looking for a place to donate used books, we suggest the following places. Please contact each shop individually for guidelines and hours they accept donations.